kakao IX

Innovative eXperienceon Humanity

Kakao IX delivers innovative experiences in areas closely related to human nature.
We strive to approach everyday life from different perspectives and with different ideas.


We bring better changes in your daily life through our content business that provides different perspectives and sensational experience.

    Kakao Friends
    A lifestyle brand that brings enjoyment to everyday life

    ‘Kakao Friends’ first began as emoticons of the mobile messenger KakaoTalk and has debuted lifestyle goods that bring enjoyment to daily moment in real life.

    The main characters Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Jay-G and Con became the motif for over 5,000 goods that were produced to offer consumers new enjoyment and sympathy. Other contents that brought each character’s story and nature to life were also launched to give consumers a different brand experience.

    Kakao Friends is currently operating 30 offline stores and 1 online store. Over 2,000 lifestyle items and collaboration goods are also available for purchase at the three flagship stores in Gangnam, Hongdae, and Busan. As a space that is operated with a photo zone decorated with a character cafeteria and large figurines, visitors can interact with the characters through a variety of contents.

    Magazine B
    Brand documentary magazine

    Magazine <B> is a ‘brand documentary magazine’ that introduces a single brand in a single issue. The editorial staff selects one original and well-balanced brand from around the globe to produce ten publications a year in Korean and English. The magazine incorporates the brands’ philosophies, hidden stories and sensibilities, and culture in an easy read for anyone interested in the brands. Since its first publication in November 2011, Magazine <B> has introduced around 80 brands in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, technology and city, and issues are sold on the Magazine <B> website, Amazon, and other online websites as well as in offline bookstores in major cities of Europe, North America, and Asia.


We define our work from experiential perspective.


Kakao IX is a company that pursues innovation in the area of experiences closest to human nature. In July 2018, Kakao Friends and Joh & Co. merged to be relaunched as a joint corporation, and in addition to its retailing and licensing businesses in character goods, it is being recognized as an enterprise that creates innovative experiences with its unique perspectives in the realm of everyday activities.

Kakao IX is continuing its full-scale overseas launch since the latter half of 2018, and is making preparations for take-off as a global enterprise in Japan, China, America and Europe with globalized strategies reflective of the qualities of each locale.

Global Office

global office map

global office map